Hotel Greed

I made my spring break vacation plans about a month ago. There is a historic place to go that is only 4 hours away from my home. That was perfect. I just needed a place to stay.

In the past, I have used Hotels dot com once to get a good deal on a condo rental. So I went back to book my hotel stay. Their web site helped me see what was available.

I chose the best deal. It was a little pricey. But it seemed what I wanted. I made reservations through Hotels dot com, paying with my credit card.

This month I got my monthly credit card bill. There was a charge from Hotels dot com. My vacation is still way off in the future. I called up Hotels dot com. They said they charge me as soon as they make the reservation. That does not seem right. I have not even stayed a night yet. No hotel charges have been incurred.

While I like their features, I cannot prepay for my hotel stays. And I don't think Hotels dot com is actually paying the hotels yet. They are taking my money immediately and pocketing it. Perhaps that's how they make money. But I am not going to be handing over any more of it. What a quick way to lose customers.