Returns Department

I found an inexpensive mail order company where I get a lot of clothes. The price is great. However I am finding that sometimes the quality is lacking. It may be more accurate to say the quality is not consistent. Some things I buy fall apart immediately. Others last a lifetime.

A coat I ordered from them came apart at the seams. I still needed a coat. They have a great returns policy. You can return anything at any time for a refund or exchange. I decided to choose another coat which actually cost less than my initial purchase. I wrote on my exchange request that I wanted the difference refunded to me.

What I got back was a letter from the CEO. He said he also serves as the head of quality control at his company. He noted that I was a good customer. And he was sorry about the problems I encountered. He also had sent a check for the difference in price between my return and the defective merchandise. Who knows? Maybe this is a standard form letter for anyone who asks for a refund. But it felt good. That's what it is all about - making the customer feel good. I do not link out frequent or lightly, but if you are looking for bargain clothing I highly recommend Haband.