Suing Google

This morning I read an interesting but rather pointless rant about a guy that sued Google and allegedly won. He was making money off the Google AdSense program. The he got kicked out. Google gave him no reason. In the end he took Google to court for the money he earned. He says the judge sided with him.

Now here is the interesting part. This guy's bio claims he invented The Facebook. I did a double take. His name did not seem familiar. You would think everybody would know who created Facebook. So I decided to research a little further. If you click around enough on the Facebook site, you can get to the Executive Bios page. That's where I confirmed that Mark Zuckerburg is the CEO and founder of Facebook, not this guy claiming a victory over Google.

I cannot tell for sure whether the guy suing Google actually invented Facebook. But here is where the story just does not make sense. He sues Google for a couple hundred bucks that he believes they owe him. However he invented The Facebook which has blossomed into a company worth hundreds of millions, or even billions. Why is he not suing Facebook for his part of their money? If I were to be a "judge" of this situation, I would say there is too much that just does not make sense about his claims of inventing Facebook. Now that the claims of his bio are in question, I wonder how much of the Google lawsuit story is true as well. Either way it made for a great read, even if it were all a figment of a talented author's imagination.