Earned Value

The company I work for tries to tie specific performance (value to the customer) into more money for our company. This effort requires a large task of tracking and measuring the value. To me it seems like a pseudo science. However if this helps my company stay in business, and therefore paying my paycheck, I can’t complain.

One of the handles broke off a faucet in my house. So I called the plumber. Since he was coming over any way, I decided to get another faucet upgraded at the same time. The plumber did the upgrade, but he said the other faucet fix would take a long time due to the fancy sink that I have. He had to reschedule for another day.

The plumber gave me a fixed price estimate on this second faucet. It was going to run me $350. That seemed kind of steep. But so far this plumber seemed competent. So I scheduled him to return and do the work. Today he came and spent some time installing the faucet to replace the broken one.

When the plumber was done, he said he also secured my sink. I had noticed that it was loose. However I did not give it any more thought. The real bonus came when I got the final bill. The plumber said the actual price was lower because he applied a discount for me. In the end it cost me $315 for the repairs. That was still a chunk of change. But I felt like I got a good deal.

That is the way you earn value and respect. The plumber did not go into any deep analysis as to how he was giving me a good value. He did some extra work. He charged me less than the estimate. And he came early so I did not have to wait around for him. When I need to get a big plumbing job done, guess who I am going to call first? Yep.