The Story of WordPerfect

I have just finished reading the delicious story about WordPerfect as told by an insider. Now I have to link to an online version of the book. It is Almost Perfect by W. E. Pete Peterson.

Mr. Peterson was employee number 6 at WordPerfect. He was one of three members of the Board of Directors. This book tells his story from then time he got hired, until the day he left.

I must confess. Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I used WordPerfect in the early 90's. And I would not say that I was a hard core fan. But I am a fan about inside stories of software companies.

This shout out goes to Mr. Peterson. You penned an awesome book. I bet you are wealthy from selling your stock in the company. But I still clicked through on one of your Google AdSense ads sir.