Successful Traits

I read a blog that caters to entrepreneurs. It has a software development theme to it. But the main topic is how to start a small company on your own and become successful. People often discuss what it takes to thrive in this world. The same themes keep being discussed. The result is surprising. Technical abilities play a small role in excelling. Go figure. Programming skills do not make a greater software sales business.

You need to stick to your goal of running a business. You need passion and persistence. It is essential to stay in a good mood. You must have extreme dedication. 90% of the work is advertising, marketing, selling, processing payments, and finding supplies. The other 10% is writing good code.

Ouch. This almost seems like an endeavor for an MBA, not an MSCS. This got solidified when somebody commented that you need to be willing to put on a suit. This is the world of business after all. And as usual, you need to be “smart and get things done”. Ha ha. I guess that gives away where I read up on this stuff. Stayed focused and you might have a chance at doing will in the software sales business.