Bundle Marketing

Recently I messed up my Windows installation. I could no longer log onto my system. Luckily I had recently backed up my important files. My system is from Dell. They offer an option where you can restore the hard disk to the state it arrived in. This is done by them saving the restore state in a small portion of the hard drive. This helped me get past the Windows issue. But it also exposed me to an aggressive Dell bundle marketing program.

The PC I received from Dell a while ago was a good deal. The price was right. It had a lot of extras I wanted. It also came loaded with a bunch of junk pre-installed. All I wanted was a copy of Microsoft Office. Instead I got all these trial programs which clogged my system. I had to spend a lot of time uninstalling this junk. When I restored my system to the factory settings, all these programs came back to haunt me.

The list of junk that comes installed from Dell is crazy. It slows down the loading of Windows. And I have to deal with ads popping up from time to time. These are not ads from browsing the web. They are from marketing programs running in the background. To make matters worse, some of the crapware could not be uninstalled. Yes I know Dell makes money including these programs on my laptop. Why can't they just charge me an extra 50 bucks, and keep all this garbage off my machine? I am a bit hesitant to buy from Dell again because of this. It is a real pain I tell you. Rant off.