Esquire Hits Some Home Runs

I normally try to scan the linker in Hacker News for interesting stories. Today I found a few cool titles from Esquire online. So I decided to bite on all of them. Usually I make a decision in the first 10 seconds on whether to read the web page that Hacker news links to. For each of the Esquire articles, I ended up staying and reading the whole long page.

The first story was a simple technique to take command of interactions with almost everyone. You can get service folks to notice you. You can also do better in most negotiations. That alone is worth the time to read about The Invisible Grip.

Next I read about an experiment which tracked what a $20 tip could get you across America. Strangely enough, there are other factors at play in Los Angeles. Often times $20 can get you almost everything. However there is an even more powerful trick to get people to do your bidding. You will have to read to the end of The 20-Dollar Millionaire to figure it out though.

Finally there was an article about how to deliver the answer No in the best way possible. This was an uncomfortable article to read. I wonder whether I will try some of the techniques it documents. Regardless I highly recommend When To Say No along with the article Esquire articles I linked to. Whatever you are doing online Esquire magazine, you got my attention and my link juice. Keep up the great work.