Comcast Spam

Today I got a spam email from my Internet Service Provider Comcast. They tried to get me to buy some concert tickets. I don't like spam. So I decided to click the link at the bottom of the email to opt out of this nonsense.

I want it to be easy to opt out. I should be able to reply, or check a box on a web page. Comcast did not make it easy. I guess they want to keep spamming the majority of their customers. When I clicked the link in the email to opt out, I got a page that said I needed to log in.

Ok. I decided to bite. I logged in. However that just brought my to some general Comcast main page. I had to hunt for the place to opt out of spam by email. When I tried to get to that place, Comcast made me agree to some long list of terms and conditions. I declined. Then I got logged off. WTF?

After having been strong armed into agreeing to the terms in conditions, I get asked to set up a "secret question". Again WTF? I just want you to stop spamming me Comcast. I am already your customer. Don't piss me off. Yeah I get that you are trying to earn a couple more bucks out of me. Make it easy for me to tell you to stop that nonsense. I tell you. Some companies make it hard for me to be their customer.