Value Added

The missus told me the garbage disposal stopped working. I pressed the button to turn it on. There was no noise at all. I pressed in the reset button near the switch. This did not help. So I did what any responsible homeowner would do. I called the plumber. Mine happens to be BGE Home.

The person who answered the phone had a couple of suggestions on how to get the disposal working without their help. They told me how to locate the reset switch on the disposal. Then they walked me through how to manually turn the disposal to get it cranking again. These two hints actually did the trick.

I was happy for many reasons. They topmost was that the water that was backing up into my sink went down the drain. I also did not have to take a day off from work to wait for the plumber. And my plumber is not cheap. I think they charge $90 just for showing up. My disposal is also expensive. It ran somewhere between $100 and $200. I was going to go out and buy another one so I would not have to pay for two plumber visits.

Now I do not know for sure why the plumber helped me out for free over the phone. Perhaps they are just too busy for easy fixes. Or maybe customers get mad when they shell out the big bucks and the fix is actually this simple. I do know one thing. I am going to remain loyal to this plumber. Hey. If they take care of me like this, maybe they won’t rip me off when I have much more expensive work to do.

BGE Home is doing some good things here. These are tough economic times. Businesses who get it right like this are going to prosper no matter what the economic climate. Thanks again BGE Home for your help.