Sex Sells

When reading any magazine, I like to pay attention to the advertisements. This month's Doctor Dobb's Journal was no exception. One such advertisement rose to the top. It was an advertisement by Servoy. It is funny that I never heard of them or their product before. However their ad jumped off the page. They had a large chested girl in a bra clutching a laptop computer. Sex sells. This was the only ad in the magazine that prompted me to go to a web site.

The web site continued the good marketing work. They said that by downloading their free product, I would be entered into a contest. The prize was a free trip to Las Vegas to attend their conference. I have never heard about their product, and they have their own conference? Who cares? I would like to get free tickets to Vegas. There was another interesting thing on the web site. The ad in the magazine asked "Can Sexy Be Easy?" The web site answered YES.

The world of marketing appeals to me. I guess you could go to school to learn these things. However I prefer to study examples from the real world such as Servoy. My own company may some day need to put out ads that sell. When that day comes, I would prefer to do the job myself. I don't want to hire some person or company to do this essential task. The result may make or break me.

Although I am normally stingy with my outbound links, Servoy deserves one this time.