Out of Office

I read a blog post of interest on the Netflix blog. So I posted a comment there. Sometimes I like to be a part of the blogosphere. A Netflix employee must have received an automated email based on my comment. I think that because I received an email from that employee a little while later. To be more specific, I received an automated reply from that employee.

Here was the contents of the reply from the Netflix employee. They were on a leave of absence. They stated they will not be checking their Netflix email regularly. The provided the email of some other Netflix employees that would be backing them up during their absence. Finally, they provided a personal email address in case somebody was sending them personal email.

What kind of operation are these guys running? All I did was post a comment to their blog. If you are the person who automatically receives email responses when somebody comments, get that changed before you leave the office. It looks very sloppy when I get an out of office email from you when all I did was post a comment to your blog.

This kind of incompetence is not specific to Netflix. Previously I downloaded some software from Intel and got some similar shenanigans. Hey. I can complain all I want and get nowhere. I am just internalizing this behavior. And I will make sure that I myself am not guilty of this. You got to be careful of your actions when you are part of the public facing portion of your company.