I got a heavy stock yellow envelope in the mail. My name was printed on an address label. The back of the envelope only said “Biotech Research”. This was a mysterious letter indeed. Therefore it was the first piece of mail I opened.

Inside I found a letter on heavy off-white paper. It stated that this was a verified special delivery. It even had a tracking code. The sidebar of the letter had a long list of management positions and names in the company sending me the letter. The letterhead stated that the company had been in business from a year prior to when I was born.

The second page of the letter appeared to have a real physical signature. Along with the letter I received an authorized discount form. Here was the pitch. I had 10 days to purchase a space heater at a significant discount with free shipping.

Wow. All of this turned out to be a sales pitch. I will tell you something. I almost wanted to buy the darn thing to reward their awesome delivery. Even the names of the products sounded good. They were the Model 500 and the Model 1000.

This company provided me with a security envelope with all kinds of high tech decoration. I guess they wanted the whole experience to be good. It was working. You can’t put a price on a slick sales pitch like this. I hardly ever felt like I was being pitched. I was being wowed.