Customer Communications

The windshield on my car is in sad shape. The wiper scraped a scratch in a circular path. A pebble made a hole in the middle. Finally a large crack has been spreading across the whole thing. I saved up some money. Then I called a company that comes out to your location to replace the windshield.

I had done this before. For some reason my car’s windshield is expensive. I was relieved to find that the price had come down a lot since the last time I had to replace the windshield. So I asked them to come right out and replace mine.

The salesman asked me for my e-mail address to send out a confirmation. I was impressed with the e-mail I received from the company. It contained a picture of the guy that was going to come replace my windshield. It also told me his name, and a short bio of him detailing his experience.

Yes this is not needed. But I thought it was a nice touch. It made the experience a little more personal. That’s some top notch customer communications. I did not even care that another guy actually came out to do the install.