Weak Offering

I was reading a technical article this weekend and saw an advertisement for the RegCure software. Since I have been having some problems with Windows on my machine recently, I thought I would give it a try. They had a free download of a trial version. So I figured there was not harm in taking it for a test drive.

RegCure detected a number of items in my Windows registry that were problematic. For example, It detected that some Windows startup item files were missing on my file system. I guess I had manually deleted the applications. However the links in the registry still existed. The RegCure application went on to detect problems in about 8 categories of the registry.

The trial version I downloaded would only correct 2 of the 8 areas in which it found problems. These were trivial changes to the registry. In fact, even if I had the full version of RegCure, I anticipated there would be no impact to my Windows performance. This program was definitely not going to cure the more serious problems I was encountering with Windows. So I decided to remove the application from my system.

I was a bit unhappy when the RegCure uninstall program continued to try to get me to buy the software. Hey. I am uninstalling your software. So I obviously don’t want to buy the thing. You are losing more points by making hard for me to get rid of your software. Not good. In fact, your software claims to speed up Windows by correcting registry problems. What kind of speed increase do you think this is going to give me? Windows can deal with registry items pointing to non-existent files. I this application of little to no use.

Now that I got a little worked up with RegCure, I did some research on the net about it. It seems that the forums at CNET have bad things to say about this program. It was funny to see the RegCure PR people trying to keep the boat afloat by responding. Judging from the bad experiences that people had with RegCure on CNET, I would say I got lucky. At least my computer is not working any slower from having installed and run the program.