Comcast Bait and Switch

Over the last couple years, I have added more and more services from Comcast. They are good at marketing. I get some new services for free for a while. Then the trial period ends, and they add on the new feeds. It got so that my Comcast bill was out of control. So I cancelled most of the services. My bill went way down and I was happy.

Then I got an offer in the mail. For $30 I could add Digital Cable. I immediately called up Comcast. I was already paying $15 for cable. Did this offer mean I only needed to pay $15 more to get Digital Cable? Well not exactly. There would be some other fees for the remote, and some taxes, and such. But it would be thirty something. I asked whether I would get On Demand? I was told yet. I asked to be signed up immediately.

So the cable guy came out and did some work in the outdoor cable box. He gave me a digital converter. And everything should have been ok. I tried a couple On Demand options. They worked. However some other ones did not work. I got errors on screen. So I called up Comcast. They told me I had to pay extra for those features. I told them I was told I would get On Demand. The Comcast operator could only tell me that I would get a subset of On Demand. I decided this sham was not worth it. Later I called back and said I wanted to cancel the upgrade I got. The Comcast rep said she would add all the options I wanted at no extra charge. That sounded good if it would work. She said I needed to wait one day for the changes to take effect.

Two days later, my cable was still not working properly. I called the Comcast operator back. She had forgotten about me. As I re-explained my situation, she said she recalled me. So she said she would make the changes at no cost. This time my cable worked. I thought I was maybe out of the woods. Nice try. Today I got a whopping Comcast bill with all kinds of extra charges on it. Thanks for the bait and switch Comcast. The only reason I am putting up with this and not switching to a competitor like Verizon is that they are probably just as bad. But I will be wasting my time calling Comcast back up, explaining how I got screwed, and demanding they fix the charges and cancel the new upgrades. Thanks for the sham Comcast. I can't imagine how this is good for your business. How's about a little customer service?