Airheads for Air Heads

I found out about a sweepstakes by Airheads. They required an official code to enter. So I sent in a self addressed stamped envelope to get the code. I got a letter back with the code and instructions to go to their web site.

When I got to their web site, there were some loud background noises from the web page. I had to mute my computer sound. Annoying. I went to the registration page. Here is where the real problems started.

I entered my birth date. Then it took me to another page to enter a lot of information. I was unable to click in any of the fields. So I clicked the only icon available. Turns out that was the cancel button. I was motivated to enter their contest. So I tried again. This time a submit button was displayed. I enter my birth date, then click submit.

I still end up with a page where I cannot click any field. Desperate, I press the tab key. Yes. It gets me to the first field. I continue entering data for all the field, pressing tab after each entry. Then I finish my entry. There is no button to click to submit the information. I try pressing the enter key. No luck. The only button to press is the cancel button.

Airheads has to have the worst registration page I have ever seen. I wonder if they are getting the message since nobody is signing up. Here I went and expressed interest by writing to them, supplying a self addressed return envelope, and I visit their web site. It is almost as if they are tyring to get me to stay away. Weak. Note to self - hire competent forms programmer when I make it to the big time.