AdSense Denied

Previously my Google AdSense account had been disabled. Google was never specific as to why. They just said something like their advertisers would not benefit from my account. I tried some other advertising companies. None of them were as good as Google. The bottom line was that Google made me more money than anybody else. It might be due to the fact that Google has a lot of advertisers. And Google is able to match ads to the content on my site. So I submitted an appeal to my account being disabled.

It took Google a little while to respond. However they decided to keep my account disabled. Come on Google. Help a brother out. So I did one more trial run with a Google competitor. I did not make any money during the week when I put ads up on one of my blogs. Now I know I get a little traffic on that site. So either people were not clicking, or the new advertiser was not crediting me. Either way I was not making any cash.

So I decided to return to using Google ads. However since my account was disabled, I had to use a friend’s account. The downside to this is that my friend collects money when people click on my ads. Oh well. I owe this friend a lot. He always buys dinner for me. I am talking about once a week forever. So this is like paying him back. Maybe we can work something out if the ad revenue is large.

What is the moral of the story? Make sure you follow all the rules in the Google AdSense program. And hope that nobody hacks you, so you get to keep your AdSense publishing account. I think it may finally be time to try another technique to make money. It might actually be time to code up a program to sell. Products are hard to make money from. But I am finding that making any decent money with advertising is also hard for the small guy.