Job Well Done

I entered a contest by Marzetti Corporation. They sent me a free game piece by mail. There was a web site on the entry. I went to the web site. I was able to immediately type in my code. What do you know? I was a winner. Well that's what the site said. I won a recipe book from Marzetti, which I downloaded immediately.

The recipe book was a PDF file. The photos in the book were top notch. In fact, the whole experience was top notch. That's why I'm linking out to their company. If somebody asks me if I entered any contest lately, I am going to have good things to say about Marzetti. You can't buy good will like this. It must be earned.

When you interact with your potential future customers, every step in your execution is crucial. One wrong move and you have lost a customer. Make a couple bad moves, and not only do you lose a customer, you get bad will. Marzetti did everything right with their execution. It was very professional. Moreover I had a good experience. I would think that the same applies to the product they are selling. This is how I want to run my own business. I am not sure if they spent more money on this campaign, or they just made sure to do all the little things right. However they did it, Marzetti I salute you.