Surplus Store

I keep getting this circular in the paper for a local surplus store. They seem to have great deals. I figured I should give the place a try. They had some grass seed which was 45% off the price I normally pay. They also had some beef jerky that was a whopping 66% off the price I paid last. How could I lose?

When I got to the store, I noticed a lack of shopping carts. Some lady even tried to steal the one I was using. The items from the circular were nowhere to be found. They had some other grass seed which was more expensive. I bought a bag because it was still below the cost I normally pay. However the damage was done. I felt like I visited a gas station with low 87 octane gas, only to find they ran out of 87 octane.

The other disturbia was that they did not have the flavor of beef jerky I liked. They had advertised that they did. No dice. They had a whole lot of other flavors at a very low price. I decided to pass on them. The store was a bit dilapidated. Shelves were propped up with cinder blocks. The aisles were too narrow. The only interesting thing about this place was the stories they told in their newspaper ad. They tell you how they came to buy the closeout items they offer. I am not sure whether that will have me coming back for a second visit. Sure the value is high. But I could not help but feel disappointed with my first trip. I doubt this will affect their stores. The store was very crowded. In this economy, people are scrappy and need surplus stores like this.