Solve Your Own Problem

Some time back I had a good idea for a simulation. It was going to be more like a game. The problem is that it is going to take a lot of time to develop the darn thing. I tried getting started a time or two. But it was tough to follow through. I left the thing alone for a long time.

Recently I read a post from the 21st Century Programmers blog, or something like that. It said to be successful you need to write an app that solves a problem you have. Ok. I am game. No pun intended. You got to forget about producing a commercial winner. Or at least you should not concentrate on commercial quality at first.

Develop a small thing that solves a problem of yours. Do it quickly with the minimal set of features. Actually do it with less than the minimal set of features. Then keep iterating by adding features and fixing bugs. This will get you the traction you need to produce something good. Hey. I will give it a try. You never know. I might just succeed. Now I just need to find an interesting enough problem I am encountering to solve with some code. I will let you know once I get the minimal thing coded up.