Teens and the Movies

This time around I am going to complete my review of a Morgan Stanley research report on teen behaviors. It was authored by a teen intern at the company. So you would think it had some extra authority.

The teen stated that most teenagers download songs illegally from file sharing sites. You don't need a PhD to discern that. He also went on to say that teens do go to the movies.

Teenagers almost always own a cell phone these days. They like the Ericcson brand. Most teens are not on regular mobile plans. They pay for minutes. Surprisingly enough, teens don't fall for the paid ring tones you can get. They also do not get new phones often.

Some other curious facts shared about teenagers is that they usually have TVs. The also have computers with Microsoft Office on them. No wonder Microsoft is making a killing off their applications. Now the real story is how we can benefit by understanding this profile of the average teenager.