Teens Outlook on Media

Morgan Stanley put out an interesting research paper on How Teenagers Consume Media. It was researched and written by a 15 year old intern at the firm. That's a fresh perspective. I thought I could use this to determine how to get these teens as my customers.

Here was a disappointing finding. Teens are reluctant to pay for media. However they will go to the movie theater. Texting is still very popular with teens. I can attest to this as I had to sign the family up for an unlimited texting plan.

Teenagers do not listen to the radio that much any more. They also do not read newspapers in general. The latter is due to the cost of papers. That seems strange. My paper cost a quarter. Moving right along, teens live the Wii. Once again I can attest to this fact. My family plans to buy a Wii and the games and accessories that come along with it.

Here is something that took me by surprise. Teens are not that into PC gaming. I wonder who the PC gaming demographic is then. Is it older, single males? Who knows. Next time I will delve further into the Morgan Stanly findings on teenagers and the media. We will pick it up with Internet usage.