Undercover Car Salesman

I do not link out to other sites often. But today I want to make an exception. Edmunds hired Chandler Phillips to go undercover as a car salesman to give us the low down on the business. Chandler did this for a couple months working at a number of dealerships. His 9-part series documents his findings. I could not stop reading this excellent piece of journalism.

Yes the article encourages you to go to Edmunds dot com. However I found the inside scoop very insightful on how the salesmen are motivated and make money. There is also a lot of information that bucks the stereotype of the crooked used car salesman that you hate. I will confess that I do not go to Edmunds for anything auto related. I use Kelly Blue Book to estimate used car values. And I use MSN Autos for new car information. Finally I shop used cars at caxmax dot com.

I did a little work to track down Chandler Phillips and tell him what a good job he did with his article. It turns out that is a pen name for Philip Reed, who is an editor at Edmunds dot com. Mister Phillips, or Phillip as it may be, nice work on your undercover series. My hat is off to you.