Navy Marketing Stinks

I am watching the X Games on TV right now. There is a lot of adrenaline pumping due to the Motocross and BMX competition. I have been paying attention to the advertisements. And I must say that the Navy has let me down. I even think they are a sponsor of this event. But somebody in their marketing department has totally screwed up.

Here is the commercial. It starts out with a scene on a deserted beach in the dark. The it gets darker. Next thing you know there are footprints in the sand. The waves come up and wash away the footprints. The commercial ends by telling you to go to the Navy Seals portion of the Navy site. I would call this commercial weak. But that would be a serious understatement.

My recommendation to the Navy is to fire whatever marketing department created this commercial. Hopefully the work was done by an outside agency that needs to get the boot. If an enlisted man created this crap, they need to be demoted. Even the shallow razor commercial with the large breasted shaving cream girls beats this ad. Heck. I am even tempted to create a better Navy Seal commercial myself and forward it to the Navy gratis.