In Bound Links

I continue on my plan to generate web sites based on free content which link to my blogs. My pilot web site was easy. It had about 50 pages. Google Page Creator worked fine for this. Each pages linked to my blogs. When I was done I submitted my web site to Google.

Given this initial success, I figured why not turn up the volume. So I chose a second web site with 500 pages. I got all the raw data entered. Now I need to link up all the pages on my site. And I still need to do some formatting and add the links to my blogs. The good news is that this should provide 10 times as many links as my previous site. The down side is that this is 10 times the work too.

I really need to get some software to automate this web site building. Since I am a programmer this should not be that difficult. I can't imagine me spending my whole life publishing web pages just to get a little SEO. So far I am waiting for my first web site to be indexed to give me a higher inbound link count.