I had mentioned previously that I submitted a couple of my applications to be listed on At first it seemed like I needed to pay to get my applications moved to the front of the processing queue. But I did not pay for premium processing. After a while, all three of my apps got listed on

It was frustrating at first. The statistics on stated that I had zero downloads for all of my apps. Then I started to question these statistics. I downloaded my own applications just to test out the download and see if the statistics were getting updated. They were not. At least not in real time.

Eventually I started seeing my statistics rise ever so slowly. Here is a summary of the number of downloads from as of today:

Analyzing these numbers all depends on the perspective. I have submitted all of these applications to other sites. The numbers seem to be higher than any of the other popular sites. Here is a sampling of the download numbers for Britview from some other sites:

  • Soft Pedia - 73 downloads
  • Best Software 4 Download - 22 downloads
  • Best Freeware Download - 52 downloads

However when I look at the other Britney Spears screen saver and theme software hosted on, my numbers appear very weak:

  • Top theme - 116,273 downloadsd
  • Top screen saver - 71,861 downloads

All of the download statistics may be moot, since what I am really after is profit. But that is a topic for another post. For now why don't you go to and get the latest version of Britview. Better yet, get Britview from my web site.