Getting Indexed

I have been churning out small web sites. Each page of every site links to my blogs. And the web sites link to each other. I am hoping to build up some inbound link equity with this process. There is only one problem. It seems to be taking Google forever to index my pages.

For some of my web sites it has been over 10 days since I submitted the URLs to Google. They still have not been indexed. Maybe I am a bit impatient. I do not expect the web sites to rank highly in the SERPs. But I am hoping that they donate the link power to my blogs which I do want to rank highly.

Anybody got any ideas on how to encourage Google to hurry up and scan my sites? I made sure to put Google AdSense on each of my pages. Not sure if anybody is going to come and click on those ads. But I reckon that Google wants to make money, and if some submitted sites have their AdSense ads, then maybe they will be more anxious to index those pages and server them up.