Big Company Failure

I got a checking account at a local back around 20 years ago. It was just a small bank local to our state. The staff was friendly. Life was good. If there was ever a problem, I just went down to the branch and sorted it out. This bank got acquired by a massive nation wide bank around 10 years ago. I guess things have changed. And it shows.

I needed to change the way some automatic payments were being made with my family's accounts. Went down to the local branch of the mega bank. The branch manager gave me instructions on how to suspend an important service I was using. He gave me directions on how to resume the service. I tried to follow the directions around a month or two later. I was supposed to call a number on the phone. I did so, but was told it was not possible to resume the service.

So I went back to the local branch of the mega bank. I told them what happened. Then I was shocked when I was told it was not possible to resume the serivce. I said hold up. They were the ones who told me how to do it. Turns out they were wrong. Dead wrong. Now I am messed up.

Mistakes happen. I get that. So I just told the local branch of mega bank to fix their mistake. They told me they were not able to do so. They blamed it on some corporate rules that govern them. WTF? That sounded like some sorry excuse. I don't know why I was getting excited and expected anything more from the mega bank. The solution is simple. Got to find a new local small bank. I give my business to those that earn it. Mega bank fail.