Windows Phone Fail

Sahas Katta entered Microsoft's Windows Phone Challenge. His phone beat out the Windows Phone at the contest. However the employees at the Microsoft Store robbed him of his $1000 laptop prize. They started making up some rules to disqualify him. Come on Microsoft. Stop your failing.

I am a Microsoft man. I say that because I have built a profitable career delivering Microsoft base solutions. However this move by Microsoft marketing really irks me. I get what they are doing. They are trying to win over some Android users for Windows phone. That mission, though it may seem impossible, might be a noble one. However putting together some sham challenge, then cheating users out when they win, is just pathestic.

Ben Rudolph, the guy who is apparently behind the challenge, is trying desperately to do some damage control. He apologized to Katta via Twitter. Then he offered to do a rematch. This is where Microsoft commits the double fail. Come on. Give the guy the damn laptop already. How can a company continue to dig its own grave deeper and deeper like this?

I have no love for Android products. They might be nice to program on if you like Java. However I don't think they are for me. I am going to stick with an old iPhone. One thing is for sure. Apple won't be pulling any pranks like Microsoft did. Apple is too winning. I don't even like Apple, and they have stole my smart phone business due to excellence.