British Pretroleum Fail

I went to my bank to pick up some cash. I passed my normal gas station without going in. After visting the bank, I headed home. I saw a British Pretoleum gas station with cheaper gas than my normal station. So I pulled in.

I noted that the price was for cash only. There was nobody in the booth to collect my money. Another custmoer told me to go into the gas station for help. I should have known something was wrong. Inside I counted out my small bills, and told the clerk that I wanted $17 on pump number 6.

Outside I pumped the gas, but it stopped at $16. I went in and asked for my change. The clerk said I used up all my money. I told him I had a dollar left. He said I paid $16. I corrected him, telling him that I actually told him I was buying $17 worth when I handed him the cash.

Another employee next to me started arguing with me. He said the clerk counts the money twice, and would not cheat me out of a buck. He also said they have video of the transaction as well. I told this employee that I clearly stated that I was giving the clerk $17, and that we should listen to the tapes. The employee then said that there was no audio on the tapes.

In retrospect, it is possible that I had counted the money wrong. However when I had you some cash and state that there is more than you are given, that is the time to bring the discrepancy up. By the time I have pumped my gas and feel I got cheated, it is way too late.

The whole reason I always state how much money I am handing over is that I encountered the same problem at Exxon Mobile one time. The clerk gave me the extra buck, and asked me to clearly state the amount I am handing over so we can avoid any mistakes up front. There is one clear lesson from all of this for me. Avoid this BP gas station, and stick with the local Exxon Mobile station. They appear honest and customer friendly. That's always good business, even if the price is higher.