Catch Them and Keep Them

I went to a sub shop chain near my house. They did not take my American Express card. I guess that's okay. I have other credit cards. I was in the mood for fried. So I ordered a large. Imagine my disappointment when the large fries looked like a small. I wrote this place off for lunch.

The same chain at another location had a coupon in a flyer. Despite the bad experience at another one of their stores, I checked them out. I was pleased that they accepted American Express. Then I got my small fry order. The fries spilled out of the container, making me feel like I got a good deal.

Now I find myself returning to this other location a lot. I don't use coupons any more. I pay full price happily. Because I keep feeling like I am getting a good deal without any hassles. They got me with the coupon. They keep me with the good service. It is a win win. I am sure they are making money off me, since their prices are premium. But I am glad to pay it.