Amazon Kindle Proposition

Recently I heard that there were many free book titles available for the Amazon Kindle platform. Sounded like a great deal. Upon further inspection, many of these books were the first in a long series. I guess it is a marketing ploy.

The price seems to be right for the Amazon Kindle reader. Some even have 3G capability so I do not need to be in a Wi-Fi zone. However I checked with one friend that I know has a Kindle. She said the darn thing broke already. She only had it for about 6 months. She needs to get in touch with Amazon to find out how to get the thing repaired. Not good.

Lately there has been a story going around about a Kindle user whose account was frozen. Amazon would not release the reason why the account was frozen. The result is that all the books that were purchased as eBooks were unavailable. Apparently the Kindle does not store the book on the Kindle device. Or at least the DRM prevents the viewing of such books.