Sweepstake Fail

I saw a Nesquik sweepstakes with a nice grand prize. It was a trip to Disney World. I could use a prize like that for the family. However I did not have any Nesquik. There was a way to get codes via snail mail. I sent off for one, including a self addressed stamped envelope.

I got a reply pretty quickly. The code came with a nicely colored letter from Nestle consumer services. They directed me to a Disney site to enter my code. Okay. I entered the link and found that I needed a Disney account to participate. Annoying. but I entered in some info. They required all kinds of personal stuff. I had to give them some bogus info to prevent an identity theft when somebody hacks their database.

Finally I enter my code. Then I was expecting to find out whether I won or not. No such luck. I just get to some screen that gives me a choice of some free stuff. It all seemed like garbage. I took the least sucky option of downloading a printable image. I clicked it, but never got the image.

Okay let's review. I provided these schmucks a self addressed stamped envelope. In return, I had to enter in all my personal info. Then I was not informed whether I won. I also could not even collect their weak door prize due to some error on the web site, or some other nonsense. Way to frustrate a customer Disney and Nestle.