Price Points

I got an old Chevy pickup truck. When I say old, I mean about 20 years old. The thing runs. But it is showing its age. I figured I could spend some money to fix the thing up. However I started thinking about replacing the thing.

One of the problem is that trucks seem to cost a lot of money these days. I could buy a used one. But that poses a risk that I buy a used one that is thrashed. so I have been keeping an eye out on car ads in the paper.

I saw an ad for a new Chevy truck that was marked down to $16k. So I went to the dealership and took a test drive. The thing had some issues. It was underpowered with a V6 engine. The color was white which I detest. It was a bare bones model - no CD player or power lock/windows/etc. But you can't argue with the price.

Initially I passed on the deal as cash was tight. Then I saw the price keep falling to just over $14k. Woohoo. I was trying to saw up the cash. Then the price jumped back up to $16k. Now that is still a nice discount from the MSRP. But these guys are not going to get a sale from me if the previusly offered the same vehicle for $2k less.