Almost Done

I just finished slapping together an intro screen for my app. This thing is so close to being ready to ship. I really only have to put some protection against the crackers. I don't want somebody breaking my app and releasing to the world for free.

I know you cannot prevent your app from getting cracked. However I want to make it as difficult as possible. My hope is that the crackers will see that it is too much trouble to crack such a small app. Maybe they will then move on before breaking into my app and putting the results on some torrent.

It is all up to me. But in about a week, this thing will be fully ready to ship version 1. I figure I should slowly add the crack protection while putting together my web site to feature and sell the app. Things are definitely looking up. I had ideas for a few more killer options. They can all wait for version 2.0 though. Let's get some customers and make some cash now.