Adding Polish

I got the basics of my app completed. Some of the extras are getting done as well. For example, I am putting some small graphics on the screens. I also want the install process to be solid. This thing is just about ready to be sold. It is only version 1. But it is a complete minimal app.

Now I am trying to figure out what domain name to choose. Initially I thought I would register a name that has something to do with my app. Perhaps I should choose a name that represents my company. I plan to be selling apps in different areas. Do I want multiple domains specific to the types of apps I do?

It all comes down to what is best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I might get some points for having my target words in the domain name. But I think I will do best if I choose a generic company name that gets popular. Then I can just add new apps being sold on my company web site. All right. I got a company name. Let's see which domain names match or come close to my company name.