Time To Pivot

They say you should start selling your software by creating the simplest of programs you could write. I tried to pare down my college course registration idea to its simplest form. But even that was a huge undertaking. It was going to take me between 6 months to a year to come up with the minimal product.

It takes more than just the coding to cash in. You need to put up a web site and do some marketing. I don't want to wait 6 or more months before I get to that. Time to pivot and choose another program to write. Today I got the inspiration from a guy discussing technical interview techniques. He let's candidates solve simple problems using pair programming. One of their tests is to write a program to determine what type of poker hand a person has.

My idea is going to spring from that test program. I think I can code the thing up in a few months. We are talking 3 months tops before I have a polished program. The thing will be simple, but will provide some value. There will be plenty of opportunity to make the thing better and sell the improvements. Let's see if we can get this new idea off the ground.