Advice from a Veteran

Some dude put together a book about development and recently released it for free. He assembled the book from the 4000 or so posts he has contributed on the net. Pretty cool. He pulled his comments up into a database, sorted and massaged them, and spit out a book.

The advice was split between startup type ventures and development and general. I took a close look at the business end of this posts. I was surprised that he spends about 50% of his time in development. I thought development was a small portion of running a business.

Here is another unusual piece of advice. He recommends you do not quit your day job. The reason is surprising too. It is not due to keeping up with a paycheck. He says you can learn a lot about product needs at your day job. Then you can meet that need with your ISV.

The author recommends you make things that people actually need and are willing to buy right now. Like others, he stresses that you make things simple and stick to the Minimum Viable Product. Good stuff.