Relative Value

A company got my name through my response to their ad. They had a super special offer going on. Some software they normally sell for $250 a seat was being deeply discounted. The cost during the sale week was only $5. It sounded too goo to be true. However it appeared to be legitimate.

I downloaded a trial version of their software. Unfortunately I found that it did not solve my problems. Still how could I pass up such a severe discount? The regular price was 50 times the sale price. That equates to 98% off right?

You need to look at the big picture to gain clarity sometimes. The software that they were selling for peanuts was this scaled down version of their flagship product. I believe their goal was to give me a taste of their software in the hopes I would buy the enterprise version, which costs over $1000 a pop. At the end of the sale week I decided to pass on the great sale. They could have been selling the software for a penny. I still did not need it. You got to watch out for these ambitious marketers. And you also have to make rational decisions on what to buy, and more importantly what not to buy.