Quality Inspection

I ordered some pants from a mail order company I use frequently. The price was right. Sometimes the quality is lacking, but they stand by their products forever. You can always get a refund or exchange. There are no questions asked. In the pocket of one pair of new pants was a slip with the following verbiage:

I have personally examined every detail of this garment to make sure it meets our high quality standards. Thank you for buying our product. Inspector: 32.

Now I have seen tags like this before. But something is not quite right with them. They are trying to convey some sort of personal assurance. However it was signed Inspector 32. That is most impersonal. Yeah maybe they internally collect metrics on which inspectors miss defective merchandise. That does not make me feel any connection with the inspector though.

Don't insult my intelligence. If I don't know your name, and I cannot communicate with you, there is nothing personal going on here. Luckily this is only a pet peeve from a pretty good company. They will still get my business. But I am hoping that I do not find another one of these Inspector tags.