Wolfram Alpha

I have been seeing a lot of buzz about something called Wolfram Alpha. At first I tried to ignore it. However I could not help myself. I decided to check it out. Some people have been saying that it is a Google replacement. Ok. It is supposed to understand the web with some sort of artificial intelligence.

Let's put the darn thing to the test. I asked it, "Who is the hottest chick in the world?" All I got back was a computation time out error. At least the site confessed that it did not know what to do with my question. Damn.

I did a test with Google and Ask Jeeves. These both brought me to a site which asks you to rank the hottest chick in the world. That's more on topic. It did not answer my question. But it showed Lucy Lu as the first choice for you to check.

Is Wolfram Alpha the next big thing? No chance. Given the simple test I gave it, my initial feeling is that it is a failure. Good luck to the people behind it anyway. You are going to need it.