Product Advertisement

Today I am reading a trade journal for managers in my field. There were a lot of interesting technical articles this month. Only one ad caught my eye in the whole magazine. It was for a software product that might be something we are looking for. But their ad turned me off. They had the prominent name of their software package on display. However it was the 2008 version.

Now I do not know whether their 2008 version is sufficient or not. But it is 2009 now. Why are they calling attention to the fact that this is last year's software? Heck. Microsoft is talking about Visual Studio 2010. I guess Microsoft is not completely guilt free in this department, as they sell Office 2007. Microsoft has my business for other reasons (they are the defacto standard).

This product I saw in the magazine may cost a lot of money. The demo which is given away for free might blow my mind. However they will not even get a chance to win me as a customer. Sure their latest offering may be the 2008 version. But do they have to call attention to that? I wonder what they were thinking.