Affiliate Networks

I really like reading Website magazine. Not only do they concentrate on web technologies, you get some other viewpoints like the business side and Search Engine Optimization. There was this one article in this month’s issue that peaked my interest. It was on high paying network affiliate programs.

There is a very low barrier to entry in getting money from affiliates. You can just throw a web site together and put some affiliate ads on it. And there is a potential for a big payoff it you get lucky. The article did not cover the big gorilla affiliates such as Google and Amazon. It also did not talk about conceptual networks (e.g. Price Per Click or MLM programs).

The article cited “” for top tier affiliate networks. Here is what I found interesting. I had never heard of the top 4 networks on the list. Do you know about ClickBooth, OurFreeStuff, Copeac, or XY7? I sure don’t.

There were at least some networks on the Top 50 list that I had at least heard of. These included FriendFinder and LinkShare. It might be time to look further into the offerings they have to make me money.