No Discount

My company did well this past year. So they said they would pay for me to get certified. I told the big boss that we use a lot of Oracle on the job. It would make sense for me to be Oracle certified. I got approved.

I went to the Oracle website. It was easy to put some self study material in my shopping cart. At checkout I was asked for my Oracle partner number. Since I had no idea what that was, I left it blank. I got charged full price for the software.

Later I found out my company is an Oracle partner. We qualify for a 25% discount on training materials. I called up the training department to find out how to get that discount applied retroactively. They referred me to billing. The billing department always went to voice mail.

This is the first time I purchased anything from Oracle. Since I already got the training budget approved, I went ahead and purchased some more instructor led training. However I am just not happy with my customer service. I just want my stinking $150 discount from the software I bought. It doesn't matter too much to my wallet since my company will reimburse me. But now I have a sour taste when I talk about Oracle training. Something went wrong here.