iPhone Pay for Play

I read a story today on Hacker News about an iPhone developer. After releasing an iPhone app, he sent out some requests for bloggers to review the app. One such reviewer said they were busy. But they would make time for the review if the author paid them $50. So the author had a dilemma. Should he pay for such a review or not.

Not the review site did not come out and say the $50 was for a good review. However they said they would refund the money if the review was bad. Same difference right?

Personally I think this feels pretty slimy. Don't go out and charge people for positive reviews. By the same token, don't pay people for positive reviews either. No its no illegal to do so. But it is dirty. I've had similar offers before. However in my case they were asking for money to host my application for download. All of those jokers got put on my e-mail spam list.