No B.S. Direct Marketing Book Review

I saw an ad for a book entitled "No B.S. Direct Marketing" by Dan Kennedy. The ad was a good one. It sounded like this might be the answer for my small business marketing woes. I got a gift card this past Christmas. So I used it to buy the book. The cost was cheap.

As soon as I received the actual book, I was a bit disappointed. Not all chapters in the book were authored by Dan Kennedy. Much of the book felt like an advertisement for services by the various authors.

Now I won't say that I did not learn anything from this book. However I don't think there was anything revolutionary about the book either. In retrospect I wish I had skipped it. At least the thing did not cost that much.

I do not know that much about Dan Kennedy. However if this book is indicative of his efforts, I will be skipping his other books as well.