FCC Makes It Easy

Previously I had written about how Verizon has been unable to resolve some billing problems with my account. I have to call them each month to get some bogus charges removed. Management could not help me either. So I am stuck accepting lesser features with the same price for my wireless phone bill. I asked that senior management call me. Nobody called back.

You can try to ignore your customer problems. But you cannot ignore me. I asked the only manager I could get at Verizon who the federal agency that regulated wireless carriers was. I was told it was the Federal Communications Commission. Verizon gave me their mailing and web address. I was going to pen a letter to the FCC complaining about Verizon’s shortfall.

I decided to double check the mailing address for the FCC online. It was there that I found they made it easy to issue a complaint online. Verizon gets dinged by me for their incompetent customer service. However the FCC gets two thumbs up for a friendly and easy to use web site. I entered my complaint and did not have to deal with writing a physical letter.

We shall see if the FCC is helpful in getting Verizon to deal with me fairly. I have proposed a number of ways for Verizon to resolve the problem for me. However they absolutely refuse to be helpful. The next steps will involve the Better Business Bureau and alternate techniques for reaching Verizon executives. However that is a story for another blog posting. Stay tuned.