Yahoo Search Ownage

Due to a new job, it has been a while since I have worked on any business. However I was pleased when I did a Yahoo search for my company name. Previously some company in Japan ruled the Google search pages for my company name. Now I am on top. And I have 90% of the links in the first 10 search results pages from yahoo. Something must be working right. I think it has to do with the submissions of my free applications to download sites. They link back to me. And they reference my company name.

Here is the weird part though. Apparently I had submitted one of my applications to the Beta Marker download site. I don't recall doing it. But that is not unusual since I submitted to tons of sites. I even used some auto submission software in the beginning. Here is the eerie thing. I am rated 666 by Beta Marker. Creepy right? Check it out for yourself.

I am starting to get back into posting to my blogs. Let's see if I can free up some time from the new job to get back to my own business. I hav a lot of ideas. Just need a little time to knock out some new apps and release them. Good luck to me.