Dropping the Ads

I have a number of blogs. My previous business model was to link them together, get critical mass, and advertise on them to make money. Well this has not made me rich. In fact, I would have made better money had I got a part time job at McDonald's. So I am starting to remove the ads from my blogs. This was a tough lesson. Hopefully it was not all in vain.

Now I do not plan to delete all my blogs. But I am scaling back the amount of time I spend posting on them. I will only post to those blogs that I enjoy working. Maybe some day in the future I shall try some other means to use them for profit. For now they shall go from being a business effort to more of a hobby.

In this respect, there probably will not be that many posts to my Micro ISV blog. My day job takes up most of my energy. So there is not a lot of me left over to developer software on the side. I am still new at my current job. Perhaps after a while things will settle down and I will have more free time for outside projects. We shall see. So goodbye for now.